Have you been thinking about what it would be like to add a steam function to your shower. How adding stonework to your backsplash would make your bathroom feel like a spa? If so, it’s time for you to get started on your high-end bathroom remodel. 

The remodeling team at Elite Tech USA, Inc. are skilled New York City general contractors who are excited to partner with you and create a relaxing bathroom retreat within your home. 

Our team will work with you to ensure everything, from design to tile work and the finishing touches, are done to your complete satisfaction. We are a full-service remodeling company, which means there isn’t any aspect of your project that we can’t complete.

Modern Bathroom Must-Haves

Perhaps you know you’re due for a bathroom upgrade, but you aren’t sure where to start. After all, there’s just so many remodeling options available, and that’s not even getting into the different styles and materials.

At Elite Tech, we believe in starting with the fundamentals and working our way from there. When it comes to giving your bathroom a clean, modern look, here are some essential upgrades you can make to improve your bathroom’s style and functionality.

Double Sinks

Whether you’re remodeling the master bathroom or the kid’s bathroom, double sinks have almost become a necessity.

Not only do double sinks give a greater amount of counter space, they also allow multiple bathroom users to get ready at the same time. This means less fighting and a more peaceful morning routine. 

Sauna or Steam Shower

These functions can be added to any shower in order to create a relaxing getaway within your own home.

While both of these options rely on heat and provide great health benefits like improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation, saunas provide a dry heat (which encourages detoxification through sweating) while steam showers provide a wet heat (which can help with respiratory issues and cleaning out your sinuses).

Upgraded Toilet

Why open and close the lid to the toilet or take the time to clean it when you can purchase a toilet that will do those things for you? 

Hidden tank (or hidden cistern) toilets are an especially popular modern upgrade. Not only do they have a sleek look, but these toilets also help you save precious space — an especially valuable commodity in New York — and make efficient use of water.

Heated Floors 

Gone are the days of getting out of a hot shower only to step on a cold floor. In-floor radiant heat creates a true spa-like feeling that simply can’t be beat.

While radiant heating is all about providing optimal comfort on a cold New York winter’s day, it also boasts low maintenance costs and greater energy efficiency.

Built-in Television 

Catch up on the news first thing in the morning or unwind at night with your favorite TV show and a bubble bath. You can even disguise a TV as a mirror for a functional design element.

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