One of the things most people are surprised to learn when they hear about Elite Tech, is that we also provide brownstone renovation services. 

Most people believe that their old brownstone building is incapable of modern remodeling touches without a complete removal of what makes their home so unique. The simple fact is that nothing could be further from the truth. 

Since 1999, we’ve taken brownstone buildings that have seen better days and restored them, adding a modern design flair that our customers have fallen in love with.

The Benefits Of Elite Tech’s Design-Build Approach

When you choose Elite Tech, you can rest assured we’ll handle your remodeling job from start to finish; there’s no need to get other contractors involved! This saves you from the gigantic amount of headaches that often comes with working with two parties with their own interests. 

We’ve seen our fair share of miscommunications between designers and installation contractors, and our goal is to take that off your plate. In fact, if we need to bring subcontractors in, we’ll handle that process and take responsibility for the entire job.

Whole-House Renovation Tips

Here are some important things to keep in mind when planning your next home remodeling projects:

  • Have a vision for what the home will look like when it’s finished.
  • Determine how much of the home you want to remodel before the project starts.
  • Consider the style and design of materials you use, and if they’ll stand the test of time.
  • Create a budget with an extra 10 to 20 percent for unforeseen remodeling costs.
  • Hire a team you can trust to execute your vision and stay within your renovation budget.

Choose Elite Tech For Your Brownstone Remodel

As New York City’s trusted brownstone renovation company, you can be confident in the experience and expertise we bring to the table. With over 20 years of experience under our belts, our ability to produce fantastic results at reasonable rates is simply without match.

Reach out to Elite Tech today to learn more about our experience and expertise when it comes to brownstone renovations.